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Modernization Foreman/Adjuster

Job title: 

Modernization Foreman/Adjuster
Reports to Modernization/Construction Supervisor
Reporting to this position: Field Technicians

Duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Work with Modernization Supervisor (MS) to ensure that the modernization process is working and that all applicable procedures and Company policies are being followed. 
  • Perform material and supply job site surveys as directed by the MS to ensure that equipment is being properly sized and correct quantities are being ordered. 
  • Review job drawings, layouts and field measurements with the MS and Modernization Project Coordinator (MPC). Work with MPC, Consultant/Architect and make all necessary revisions to ensure all equipment being ordered is compatible with contract specifications, job-site conditions, is properly sized and meets code requirements. 
  • Is responsible for maintaining proper communication between the MS, MPC, the field technicians and when on-site, the customer representatives as it pertains to specific job tasks or work necessary to be performed by other contractors. Modernization/Construction Manager (MCM) must be notified as to problems or changes that arise from work being done by others.  
  • Assist MS when necessary at job site and project meetings to ensure that all material being installed and all work being performed by our Company and by other contractors doing work complies with project specifications and local code requirements. 
  • Assist the MS in the scheduling and delivery process to ensure field technicians capability to perform work detailed and the proper storage of material being delivered. Also assist MCM with scheduling tasks to be performed by other contractors where acceptance is necessary by the Elevator Inspecting Authorities. 
  • Review all procedures, work descriptions and installation manuals with field technicians to ensure that work detailed is understandable, and can be performed in an orderly and timely manner. 
  • Provide proper communication and perform liaison duties between the Company and the field technicians. 
  • Immediately communicate all problems and concerns to MCM with potential solutions. 
  • Work with the MCM to establish work timelines at the start of the modernization process and notify the MCM to allow for proper test scheduling and any additional work force needed. 
  • Communicate with and assist as necessary, the modernization technicians on a regular basis to ensure that all necessary material and tools are available to the technicians and that job timelines are being accomplished. Assist the Technicians in the actual installation, modernization and repair of Elevators to ensure timelines are being accomplished. 
  • Perform start up procedures with field technicians to allow for use of newly installed equipment while performing the construction and modernization process. Review safety procedures when onsite to ensure personal safety of technicians and protection of equipment during the temporary run process. 
  • Perform pre-test inspections and work with field technicians to properly adjust the equipment before final acceptance testing. 
  • Perform all final testing of modernized equipment. Work with MPC on completing all quality control reports, compilation of punch-list information and schedule with MCM for completion of punch-list items and quality control issues. 
  • Perform and/or assist field technicians in the performance of any remaining punch-list items to ensure project close out. 
  • Assist MPC with compiling important information to be included in the final project manuals issued to the customer. 
  • Present a professional image and courtesy at all times. 
  • Maintain an excellent attendance and punctuality record. 
  • Keep proper records and schedule maintenance of any Company vehicle (if issued) as outlined in the policy and procedure manual. 
  • Perform all other tasks and/or duties necessary to adequately fulfill the position responsibility or as assigned by the President.

Minimum Requirements:

  • EDUCATION: High School Graduate or equivalent with post graduate vocational training in the elevator industry preferably from the Modernization and Construction sector.
  • EXPERIENCE: Minimum of 10 years working experience modernizing elevator equipment. Must have combination of structured text based and hands on training. 
  • SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE: Must have valid NYS driver’s license. Must be able to drive a cargo van. Must be mechanically and electrically inclined, able to read schematics, prints and field installation manuals. Must be capable of using all necessary tools and instruments as well as performing all tasks required to perform a modernization of elevator equipment. Must have the knowledge and ability to relate to elevator specific identification of materials, capable of identifying and sizing modernization related material, and capable of reading, understanding and implementing all code requirements pertaining to commercial and residential elevator and accessibility equipment. 
  • PHYSICAL: Good eyesight and hearing, ability to lift and move equipment and machinery, ability to work in and around crowded areas. Must have the ability to withstand stressful situations and a fast paced business environment. 
  • MENTAL: Ability to communicate effectively in English and handle multiple tasks concurrently. Must have good technical and diagnostic skills. Must be capable of problem solving. 
  • WORKING CONDITION: Indoor and outdoor environments, working in crowded or closed up areas. 


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